KEMMLER stores on more than 3,200 m² and manufactures over 6000 products with a consistently high quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. Here you will find all the tool holders for all known machine tools:

  • DIN 69871 | DIN ISO 7388-1
  • DIN 2080
  • JIS B 6339 (MAS 403 BT) | DIN ISO 7388-2
  • DIN ISO 7388-2 Dual Contact
  • DIN 69893 (ISO 12164-1) HSK
  • ISO 26623-1 PSK
  • DIN 69880 (ISO 10889-1) VDI
  • DIN 228

In addition, KEMMLER provides a complete range of peripherals and accessories around the machine tools such as collets, pull studs, precision vices and metrology.

By default, all KEMMLER® holders are balanced dynamically on G 6.3 / 15,000 rpm  or fine balanced on request. KEMMLER offers not only a wide range of products but primarly ensures a consistently high quality of the products. All toolholders are made of forged steel or forged blanks​​. The result and your advantage: the surface and the entire structure will be strengthened by the forging process and thus achieves a higher stability and low distortion.

With our laser marking systems, we can offer a customized and cost-effective labeling of the tools with your company name, company logo or other data.