5th Axis Automation


5th Axis automation hardware is compatible with most industrial robots and robotic equipment on the market today.

RockLock automation hardware features industry standard 52mm and 96mm spacing. Pallet loading without the need for a pallet!

The advantage of fixture changing is robot programming. Since the robot always picks up from the same point, there is no need for different grippers or changes to the robot program for individual parts.

Pneumatic chucks

Pneumatic RockLock™ pick-up chucks are available with 52- or 96-mm standard mounting, as well as bottom or side air ports. Lifters on the unit assist the robot in picking up and placing the tool, and can also provide a blast of clean air to remove chips.

Compatibility with universal robots

The 5th Axis hardware is universal and compatible with the most common industrial robots on the market.