Workpiece clamping technology

///Workpiece clamping technology

Self-Centering Vises

Clamping force up to 25.1 Kn

4-jaw screw attachment:
Jaw mounting with 4 screws increases clamping force and stiffness by 30% compared to the original 2-bolt version.

Higher accuracy:
The redesigned carriage features a key and dowel pin for better accuracy and repeatability.

Same compact footprint:
The overall height + width + length is the same as the original vise. The vise mounting is also the same as the original design.

Double vices – More parts more profit

Independent jaw movement. The jaws on the vise carriers allow independent movement of the lead screw while still providing maximum clamping force.

Mount more vises on your machine table and watch your parts skyrocket per cycle. Increase throughput, reduce tool change time and machine downtime between operations.