KEMMLER Hydraulic expansion chucks – Fall 2020

KEMMLER Hydraulic chucks
[Flippingbook | Web view]

KEMMLER Hydraulic chucks
[PDF-Download | 3.8 MB]


KEMMLER Shrink chucks 2020

KEMMLER shrink chucks
[Flippingbook | Web view]

KEMMLER Shrink chucks
[PDF-Download | 5 MB]


KEMMLER Catalogue 2020

We are glad to present you our new trilingual catalogue KEMMLER 2020. On its 750 pages you will find more than 850 article numbers 350 of which were newly-designed. The majority of them correspond to the increasing demand for the tools with dual contact and shrink fit technology on the market.

Our pricelist 2019 remains the same.

You will find our catalogue and the price list 2019 on our website where you may download it both in pdf format or look though it as a flipping book. It is also adjusted to tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.

Product search based on DIN 4000 and ISO 13399

Efficient technology
– Virtual tool assembly
– Product search based on DIN 4000 and ISO 13399
– Tool Arena Machine Selector (TAMS)
– Comprehensive search – from the cutter to the tool holder

Maximum efficiency
– Order direct from your suppliers, on your terms
– One basket – many requests
– One central point of contact for everything to do with machining
– Create assemblies online, including in 3D view

Quick tool search
– Thousands of products on one platform
– Price and availability at a glance
– Standardized, comparable data
– Find products quickly and easily
– Platform available at all times

New: Precision collets stainless steel

Information on price and availability around the clock.

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